BOOK REVIEW: Dorothy Must Die – Danielle Paige

The book Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige is based on the well known story, The Wizard of Oz, and what happens after Dorothy returns to her home in Kansas.


The story takes the idea that after what we have been told is the end of Dorothy’s adventure in Oz, she returns back and start getting greedy. Dorothy, after being crowned the Princess of Oz, now wants all of Oz’s power and magic and power to herself and will stop at nothing until it is all hers.

Draining the power and magic from all other parts of the kingdom and using it in the Emerald City is causing the rest of Oz to fall into despair, not to mention all of the munchkins are being used as Dorothy’s slaves and workers.

It is up to Amy, the protagonist of this story, an the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked, a team of “wicked” witches, to come together and bring an end to Dorothy’s plans.


What initially grabbed my attention about this book was the title; I have grown up loving the story and character of Dorothy and was really intrigued to see what it is about her that  makes her such a horrible person!

After picking up the book I did not want to put it down  for the whole time I was reading it! It is so incredibly gripping and full on that it made me want to carry on reading it throughout the night!

Even once I had finished the book I still couldn’t get over it: there are so many plot twists and action-packed chapters that I still continue to think about! Also, it ended on a huge cliff-hanger that has made me desperate to pick up the next book when I ever see it in stores!

To summarise, I thoroughly recommend you read this book if you are looking for a high-action easy read that you will not be able to put down! Reading this book has changed my perception on Dorothy as a character in the original story and I am very excited to read the books that follow this one!!

Charlotte x


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