My 16th Birthday

(We’ll just ignore the fact that the day I’m writing about happened three weeks ago…)

For my birthday my Mum took myself and my Granma on cute little girls day out for afternoon tea at The Hythe Imperial. I was a beautiful day (not weather wise, it was cloudy and windy) and a great excuse to get dressed up into a pretty dress (something I really love to do!!)

DSCF5196 DSCF5202 DSCF5161

All the décor in the whole hotel, not just the afternoon tea room, was stunning and added to the atmosphere of the day!

DSCF5127 DSCF5130 DSCF5133 DSCF5146 DSCF5134 DSCF5191

We were able to chose from a selection of different teas; I started with the “English Breakfast” and followed with the “Mint”. We were also presented with an array of different cakes and mini sandwiches to dig into, and they were DELICIOUS!

DSCF5154The selection of sandwiches included: smoked salmon with cream cheese, egg mayonnaise with cress, and cucumber with cream cheese. The selection of cakes were: a mini macaroon, Victoria sponge cake (with I took home for my Dad), a lemon tart, a brownie, carrot cake (my favourite type of cake), a piece of shortbread, and a fruit scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream (definatly my favourite!) I apologise if your mouth is watering reading this; mine is by writing it!!

DSCF5160 DSCF5148 DSCF5151

When we got back and dropped Granma home, I made sure we got some photos in her gorgeous garden that her and Pops spend a lot of time on to make pretty.

DSCF5209 DSCF5205 DSCF5203

As if the afternoon tea wasn’t good enough, in the evening myself, my Mum, my Dad and my sister all went down to Camber to have a BBQ on the beach!

DSCF5214 DSCF5233 DSCF5216

I had a wonderful birthday, shared with the people who mean the world to me! I now have the memories to cherish forever!!

Charlotte x


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