Everyday Make-up Routine

When it comes to an everyday make-up look, I like to keep things light, natural and simple. Even though I may use quite a few different items for a “light make-up look”, I don’t tend to use large amounts of each product.

DSCF5079 Starting with the base: I am personally not a lover of foundation; I find it feels sticky on my skin and I spend the day longing for the moment I get to take it off!! Instead I just use the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer and set it with the Maybelline Super Stay waterproof powder. As I have mentioned before, I have been using this concealer for a long while now and have always come back to it after trying out something new; I find it matches my skin tone perfectly and lasts all day long. When at school I tend to use the Rimmel Clear Complexion powder as it is really light and I pay less attention to my appearance when at school. However, as it is now the summer holidays I have been trying out new products and have really enjoyed using this power instead: it lasts all day long and adds extra coverage (which is perfect for the times when my skin doesn’t look it’s best!) Also, it is waterproof which is extra handy in the summer time and as part of my (reasonably) active lifestyle!

DSCF5090 Next for blush and bronzer: bronzing is something I have only recently started experimenting with and I have found the Seventeen Instant Glow bronzing powder is really easy to use and isn’t too harsh which is perfect for someone who is new to the whole bronzing thing!! Bronzing is not something I include in my make-up routine on an everyday basis but I thought I would share it with you anyway! My favourite blush to use is the Rimmel Lasting Finish blush in the colour “Pink Rose”. This blush is a light pink with a slight shimmer to it so it is nothing too harsh and looks really natural on the skin.


Finally eyes: as I have mentioned before, my all time favourite mascara is the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara and it does exactly what it says on the packet!! I have naturally long, thick lashes anyway but this mascara really lengthens and separates them, making them literally look endless!! I only tend to use mascara on my top lashes as I find it looks more natural that way and, as I said, I have really long, thick lashes anyway. Eyebrows is another part of make-up I am new to and I don’t include this step everyday, it’s just another thing I thought I would mention! I picked up the W7 Brow Twister and use it lightly in the inner corners of my eyebrows to fill them in, and then brush it out with my eyebrow brush. I’m not sure how to rate this product as it is the first brow product I have used but it seems to do the job okay!


(I also thought I should show you my little make-up station!!)


Apologies for the inactivity!! I’ve been such a bad blogger recently, please forgive me!!

Charlotte x


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