The day I became a Fairy!

Hey everyone!

Every year my school has a “Wear What You Like Day”. But this isn’t just your standard non-uniform day, oh no, on WWYLD everyone comes in wearing fancy dress!!IMG_20150327_111624164My costume this year was definatly not the best effort I’ve ever made (last year I was a minion and the year before I was the white rabbit) but it was a lot of fun nonetheless!

DSCF4642 DSCF4669As well as being able to make my wings with my friends I got to play around with my make-up without feeling awkward about how much I was wearing!   I wore the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, Match Perfection Concealer and Clear Completion Powder for my face.

For my eyes I wore the Benefit Roller Lash  Mascara as well as a really pretty, glittery pink liquid eye-liner which I think was from Primark.

I was thinking of doing a pink smoky-eye look but I then realised I don’t own any pink eye shadow!


WWYLD is always my favourite day f the school year because it’s a day when everyone just has fun and dresses up for charity, even the teachers!! I also love the fact that the people who are laughed at are the people who don’t put the effort in.

IMG_20150327_140415811   Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x


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