Afternoon Tea

Hey everyone!

Tea, cake and my family are some of my favourite things so when they all come together I am guaranteed to enjoy myself! Last Sunday my Granma, Pops, Auntie and cousins came round for the afternoon and got through a LOT of cake!!

DSCF4551DSCF4556 This did mean that Mummy, Victoria and I were very busy on Saturday and Sunday morning baking rock buns, rocky road, chocolate chip cookies and a Victoria sponge cake! That was an awful lot for only 11 people but don’t worry, we didn’t eat them all!!

DSCF4545 DSCF4538

Me being me I had to make sure everything was presented nicely to make it look more beautiful and, if I do say so myself, it looked quite good!

DSCF4544As it is lent and I gave up chocolate and biscuits I had to try my hardest to resist eating the rocky road and cookies which was really difficult considering they were all laid out in front of me and I would usually help myself to most of them!!

DSCF4540It was a lovely way to kick off Spring as the sun was shinning and there were flowers on the table. It just looked so bright and colourful and I loved it!! Spring is my favourite month because the sun starts to come out but it’s not too unbearably hot, all the flowers start to bloom and everything looks so colourful, and who could forget all the baby animals like lambs that jump around in the fields!! It’s such a happy month that puts me in a really good mood 🙂

Hopefully the rest of the season will be as nice as the first week has been!

Charlotte x


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