Self Confidence

Hey everyone!

Society is really confusing: they want you to be confident and beautiful within yourself yet everyday we are faced with thousands of photo shopped images of immaculate models who are seen as perfect. How can we be expected to be confident in ourselves if that is what we compare ourselves with?

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

I think that telling people to just be happy with who they are is much easier said than done, however there are little things you can do to help make you feel happier about yourself. I know we are always going to see things in the mirror that we dislike but we need to start paying more attention to the things we do like in order to make ourselves feel better.

Personally, I hate the fact that when I take my glasses off, I have a wonky eye. I feel really insecure about it whenever I have to take my glasses off to clean them or I go in the pool or sea in the summer. On the other hand, I love my thick and incredibly long eye lashes; I have had people comment on them and ask me if I am wearing fake ones whenever I wear mascara, which makes me feel good about myself.

I guess what you have to do, and what I try to do myself, is whenever you pick out something bad about yourself make sure you find something you like at the same time so you don’t feel so bad about it. Also you cannot compare yourself to other people; it’s okay to admire certain  features of others but you always must remember that they have imperfections too because nobody is perfect.

“Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!”

Sorry that this was a bit more serious than usual, I just thought it was an important thing to remind you about!

Charlotte x


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