Get your skates on!

Hey everyone!

Last Saturday, my family and I went to Tunbridge Wells to do some shopping (we had to, the sales are on!) and whilst we were there, my sister and I went ice-skating!

Victotria's Nikon 217

I had only been ice-skating twice before Saturday, just over a year ago at Summerset House in London and just over 6 years ago, and it’s needless to say I wasn’t very good!! I had been roller-skating a few times throughout 2014 so I was hoping that would help me out!Victotria's Nikon 231

Victoria, however, had already been ice-skating a few weeks before we went and had been roller-skating more than I had, so she had a bit of an advantage!

Much to my surprise though, I managed to pick up the technique quite well! I was no Torvill or Dean but I did manage to stay upright! (Well… apart from the few times I did fall over, but we won’t mention that !!)

Victotria's Nikon 206 Victotria's Nikon 279

Victotria's Nikon 222

The atmosphere there was lovely because it was dark so we could see all the fairy lights around the buildings and the lights on the huge Christmas tree. The whole place looked really beautiful, I just wish I would have gone before Christmas as it put me in a really festive mood!!

Victotria's Nikon 284

Victotria's Nikon 288

Thank you so much for reading!

Charlotte x


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