Summer Mini-Break DAY 1, Brighton

I am literally the worst blogger it’s ridiculous!!

Anyway… to start off this series of Autumn blog posts I’m throwing it back to the summer (I’m feeling rather nostalgic if you can’t already tell!):


This summer holidays, rather than go away overseas, my family and I went on a short two-night stay around Bognor on the South coast. We stayed in a Premier Inn for two night and visited a total of 6 different towns/ villages, 2 on each day.

DSCF5293 DSCF5295

Our first day was spent in Brighton an then we spent a small amount of time in Worthing in the evening.

DSCF5314 DSCF5300

The first thing we did once we had arrived in Brighton was wonder through the lanes. I had herd about a place called The Blackbird Tearooms which we went to for some tea and cake.

If you like places which pay close attention to detail when it comes to décor then you’ll be fascinated by these tea rooms! Everything about this place created an amazing atmosphere and had an incredible sophisticated, vintage feel to it.

DSCF5277 DSCF5278

If the design and atmosphere doesn’t matter to you, they did amazing cake as well! I shared a (huge) slice of carrot cake with my Dad whilst my Mum and sister shared some orange and almond sponge. Both were delicious and left us full for a really long time.

After  wondering through the lanes we walked along the seafront and along the pier. My sister and I rode on the Crazy Mouse ride which was a lot of fun and we wanted to go round again!

DSCF5296 DSCF5291 DSCF5288 DSCF5304

Along from the main area of Brighton seafront we drove to the marina where we sat and had a picnic whilst looking out onto the boats.

DSCF5318 DSCF5324

Into the evening we drove along to Worthing where we walked along the pier, watching a thunder storm in the distance. Unfortunately I was unable to capture a photo of the lighting as it struck, I just wasn’t fast enough!!

DSCF5333 DSCF5343

The next two days will be written about in two separate blog posts so stay tuned!

Charlotte x


Summer Styles – Layering it up!

If you are anything like me you love to spend time experimenting with new outfits and shopping for more!


In the UK, the weather can be a bit (actually, VERY) temperamental. In order to make sure I’m prepared for both hot and cold weather when I go out for the day, I love to layer up my clothes.

DSC_0184 DSC_0237

My favourite way to add layers to my outfits is to add a shirt: that way, when it’s cold, it can easily be tied around my waist, and similarly, when it’s slightly chillier I can wear it over the top.

DSC_0244 DSC_0236

Also, if the shirt isn’t too thick and warm, it can act as a cover-up from the sun to prevent you getting burnt.


My high-waisted shorts are from H&M, my tank top is from Brandy Melville and my checked shirt is from Debenhams in the Redherring section.


 I realise this post is a little different from anything I have written before but fashion is something I am interested in and would love to be able to write about it! Hopefully I will get better at it though!!

Charlotte x

My 16th Birthday

(We’ll just ignore the fact that the day I’m writing about happened three weeks ago…)

For my birthday my Mum took myself and my Granma on cute little girls day out for afternoon tea at The Hythe Imperial. I was a beautiful day (not weather wise, it was cloudy and windy) and a great excuse to get dressed up into a pretty dress (something I really love to do!!)

DSCF5196 DSCF5202 DSCF5161

All the décor in the whole hotel, not just the afternoon tea room, was stunning and added to the atmosphere of the day!

DSCF5127 DSCF5130 DSCF5133 DSCF5146 DSCF5134 DSCF5191

We were able to chose from a selection of different teas; I started with the “English Breakfast” and followed with the “Mint”. We were also presented with an array of different cakes and mini sandwiches to dig into, and they were DELICIOUS!

DSCF5154The selection of sandwiches included: smoked salmon with cream cheese, egg mayonnaise with cress, and cucumber with cream cheese. The selection of cakes were: a mini macaroon, Victoria sponge cake (with I took home for my Dad), a lemon tart, a brownie, carrot cake (my favourite type of cake), a piece of shortbread, and a fruit scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream (definatly my favourite!) I apologise if your mouth is watering reading this; mine is by writing it!!

DSCF5160 DSCF5148 DSCF5151

When we got back and dropped Granma home, I made sure we got some photos in her gorgeous garden that her and Pops spend a lot of time on to make pretty.

DSCF5209 DSCF5205 DSCF5203

As if the afternoon tea wasn’t good enough, in the evening myself, my Mum, my Dad and my sister all went down to Camber to have a BBQ on the beach!

DSCF5214 DSCF5233 DSCF5216

I had a wonderful birthday, shared with the people who mean the world to me! I now have the memories to cherish forever!!

Charlotte x

Everyday Make-up Routine

When it comes to an everyday make-up look, I like to keep things light, natural and simple. Even though I may use quite a few different items for a “light make-up look”, I don’t tend to use large amounts of each product.

DSCF5079 Starting with the base: I am personally not a lover of foundation; I find it feels sticky on my skin and I spend the day longing for the moment I get to take it off!! Instead I just use the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer and set it with the Maybelline Super Stay waterproof powder. As I have mentioned before, I have been using this concealer for a long while now and have always come back to it after trying out something new; I find it matches my skin tone perfectly and lasts all day long. When at school I tend to use the Rimmel Clear Complexion powder as it is really light and I pay less attention to my appearance when at school. However, as it is now the summer holidays I have been trying out new products and have really enjoyed using this power instead: it lasts all day long and adds extra coverage (which is perfect for the times when my skin doesn’t look it’s best!) Also, it is waterproof which is extra handy in the summer time and as part of my (reasonably) active lifestyle!

DSCF5090 Next for blush and bronzer: bronzing is something I have only recently started experimenting with and I have found the Seventeen Instant Glow bronzing powder is really easy to use and isn’t too harsh which is perfect for someone who is new to the whole bronzing thing!! Bronzing is not something I include in my make-up routine on an everyday basis but I thought I would share it with you anyway! My favourite blush to use is the Rimmel Lasting Finish blush in the colour “Pink Rose”. This blush is a light pink with a slight shimmer to it so it is nothing too harsh and looks really natural on the skin.


Finally eyes: as I have mentioned before, my all time favourite mascara is the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara and it does exactly what it says on the packet!! I have naturally long, thick lashes anyway but this mascara really lengthens and separates them, making them literally look endless!! I only tend to use mascara on my top lashes as I find it looks more natural that way and, as I said, I have really long, thick lashes anyway. Eyebrows is another part of make-up I am new to and I don’t include this step everyday, it’s just another thing I thought I would mention! I picked up the W7 Brow Twister and use it lightly in the inner corners of my eyebrows to fill them in, and then brush it out with my eyebrow brush. I’m not sure how to rate this product as it is the first brow product I have used but it seems to do the job okay!


(I also thought I should show you my little make-up station!!)


Apologies for the inactivity!! I’ve been such a bad blogger recently, please forgive me!!

Charlotte x

I’m Back!!

I’m finally back!!

After a stressful few months of revision and sitting GCSE exams, work experience and doing a proper job (I feel so grown up, aha!) I am finally able to get out, take some photos, and write some blog posts!!

I’m not sure how often I will be able to upload something but whenever I can, I will!

I am very much looking forward to this summer’s blog posts!! I hope you enjoy them too…

Charlotte x

Bexhill Seafront

Hey everyone!

I’m a real sucker for a day at the seafront, especially when the weather is beautiful like today! It seems like all I did today was CLICK CLICK CLICK with my camera but I managed to select my favourite photos to show you.

DSCF4765 DSCF4739 DSCF4735 DSCF4746 DSCF4758 DSCF4777 DSCF4774 DSCF4771 DSCF4718 DSCF4716

As well as walk up and down the promenade, we went into the De La Warr Pavilion to see their “Ladybird by Design” exhibition. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take photographs inside o the exhibit but the placed illustrations from many different children’s books all along the walls. My favourite section showed illustrations from “Cinderella” and “Puss In Boots” which I remember reading round my Granma’s house when I was younger. I also loved that along the back walls they presented hundreds of the Ladybird books all up and across the walls.

DSCF4776 DSCF4748 DSCF4742 DSCF4760 DSCF4741 DSCF4740 DSCF4731 DSCF4709 DSCF4703DSCF4713

I’m now totally excited for the rest of spring and summer now; I NEED MORE SUN!!

Charlotte x